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Q:  How do I charge my bPowered Up Power Bank? (formerly ZOOM Power Bank)

A:  Here's a video to show you how to re-charge it with the included 3 in 1 power cord.  (sorry it's mistakenly called it a 4 in 1 cord in the video! )



Q:  How many times can I charge my cell phone with this the Z-6000 / B-6000 (6000 mAh) charger?

A:  Most smart phones can get 4+ charges out of one fully charged B-6000 bPowered UP 6000 mAh Power Bank.  If you are charging a tablet, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy or other device that requires more juice to power it, you won't get as many full charges.  For example, the Galaxy S4/S5 typically gets about 1.5 to 2 full charges with the B-6000 model. 


Q:  My bPowered UP Power Bank won't charge 2 devices at the same time.  Why not?

A:  It will, but you need to use the correct USB port.    For multiple phones, use Output 2 because it is 2.1 Amps of output and you will need more juice to charge multiple phones.  (See image below).

Q:  Why can't I charge my iPad and my phone at the same time?

A:  You can, but you need to use 2 USB plugs (plug your phone into the 1Amp and your iPad into the 2.1Amp) See image above.  Please note:  Doing this will drain the Power Bank considerably faster than if you charged just a phone. 


Q:  How will I know when I need to recharge my bPowered UP Power Bank?  Or when it's fully charged?

A:  When the blue LED lights are down to 1 blinking, it's just about dead, and you are not going to get much more charge out of it.  When it has 4 steady lights as in the image above, it's FULL.  Each light represents about 25% of the available charge on the bPowered UP power bank.


Q:  Why is my bPowered UP Power Bank not charging my phone?  I know it's full.

A:  Did you turn the power on?  Press the ON/OFF button and see if that helps.


Q:  How many times can I re-charge my bPowered UP Power Bank.  It's a battery and at some point it will stop working right?

A:  Yes, eventually, it will run out of charges.  It should be good for at least 500 re-charges, if not more.  If you only have to re-charge it every few days, it could last a few years, depending on how often you deplete it and re-charge it.  We hope you love it so much you come back to us for future purchases!


Q:  I have a Galaxy 4/5 S and I can't charge it with my iPhone.  They're both phones...you said 2 phones at one time...what's the deal? 

A:  The Galaxy 4S / 5S require slightly more juice to charge than another smart phone such as an iPhone 5, so it will have to be charged in the 2.1 Amp port on your bPowered UP Power Bank.  However, you can still charge two devices at once if you use another USB plug in the 1 Amp USB port. 


Q:  What happens if I drop it in water?

A:  Well, we don't recommend it.  Ever.  But if you do, try putting it in a bag of rice over night and see if it pulls any of the water out.  We can't guarantee this trick will work, but we've tried it on other things before with a fair amount of success. 


Q:  Is it possible to overcharge my phone?

A:  No.  Your bPowered UP Power Bank has a built-in shut-off mode once your phone is fully charged.


Q:  Will my bPowered UP Power Bank lose it's charge if I don't use it for a while?

A:  No.  (Well not for quite a while.)  It will hold a charge up to 6 months if you are not using it.  Also, when you unplug your phone from the charger, it will automatically shut itself off after 25 seconds if you forget to turn power it off.  Pretty cool, huh?

Note:  It's recommended that if you are planning to put it away for an extended period of time, that you charge it up all the way first.  We also recommend that you fully drain it and re-charge it at least once per month. 


Q:  Can I charge my bPowered UP Power Bank and my phone at the same time?

A:  Yes.  You can charge your iPhone at the same time but not your Droid, because the micro USB is already in use while charging up the Power Bank.  Here's a video explaining how.


Q:  How long does it take to re-charge my bPowered UP Power Bank B-6000 and my B-12000?

A:  Pleae allow 5 to 7  hours to completely charge the B-6000 if plugged into a regular USB wall outlet.  Like this one:

and slightly longer if plugged into a laptop.


The b-12000 takes about 12 hours to fully charge if it's drained to zero.










Q:  Will the bPowered UP work on an iPhone 6 or 6+?

A:  Absolutely!!!


Q:  Can I use the cord that came with my own phone to charge my phone with the bPowered UP Power Bank?

A:  Yes you can!


Q: How do I get the clear protective plastic off the end caps?

A: Here's a video showing you how.  You just have to use a little umph to get it started, and then it's easy to peel right off.

How To Peel The Stickers Off The End Caps from ZOOM POWER BANK on Vimeo.

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